Maura K Spain


Maura K Spain (b. 2002) is an oil painter interested in capturing the domestic through her still life depictions of food and its pairing with other "unremarkable", quotidian objects. She aims to create works which appreciate quiet moments and evoke a sense of comfort. Her paintings can be grouped into two categories which run parallel to one another: where some focus on community and moments of gathering, others honor and respect the experiences of women: both in the literal, domestic space, and by employing food and spoilage as a metaphor for femininity. Her works act as core elements of dining and kitchen spaces, bringing those surrounded by them a sense of nostalgia, comfort, understanding, or belonging.

As food and eating are central to the human experience, passing through our lives multiple times each day, emotions and universal understandings inevitably arise from them. Maura draws on feelings of nostalgia, belonging, and love to create paintings which speak to community, gathering, and the sharing of a moment. When her subjects become metaphors for femininity, she draws on loss, anxiety, and societal expectations. The heavy and vibrant nature of oil paints allow her to create gestural paintings that carry a sense of movement. The rich colors and textures embedded in her works bring the emotions which serve as her inspiration to life.